About Us

Vallemar Child Care is in Pacifica, California.   Free up your time while your child thrives in a stimulating and fun learning environment.  The provider is licensed by the State of California (No. 414004252) and is a credentialed Montessori teacher with 10 years of experience in the childcare field.

We offer a bilingual preschool environment of English and Spanish to enhance your child’s early language comprehension and pronunciation.

Our residential facility is located on a quiet cul-de-sac close to the Vallemar Elementary School in Pacifica.  A small child to teacher ratio means lots of individual attention.  We specialize in children ages 2 to 7 years.  Having individualized care means your child will get what they need, be it learning practical life skills or simply a warm and caring home away from home.  We provide meals too, whether made in our kitchen or yours.

All Children are special, and your child is no exception.  We provide a nurturing and fascinating environment that children love.  We provide children with a safe place to rest as well, giving each child an opportunity to nap during the day.  Children love to play, and we provide play things that are not only fun but help your child learn the basic understanding real things, concepts, and practical life.

Enrollment is limited so be sure to let us know right away and we will reserve a place for your child now.  With lots of excellent references, our professional staff will help your child with the basic needs as they start out in life.  We have a fun backyard play area with practical games and activities for all ages of children from 2 to 5 years of age.  Vallemar Child Care is your best option if you live near the Vallemar District in Pacifica.  We are conveniently located near the front of Vallemar on Piedmont Ave.

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