Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What teaching programs to you have for my child?

A: We evaluate your child during the first few days of attendance and will provide you with a recommended learning program customized for your child.


Q: Do you charge by the hour or by the day?

A: We charge by the hour and by the day.  The longer your child is in attendance, the lower the cost will be.


Q: Do you provide for children or do I have to bring lunch for my child?

A: Both; we can provide meals for your child or you can bring your child’s food.


Q: I need a place to drop my child off for just a couple of hours or in an emergency. Do you offer this?

A: Yes, we offer last minute drop off.  Please call us when you have this need.


Q: Can you care for my child on a weekend or after hours?

A: Yes, we offer both after hours and weekend care.  Please call us for more details.


Q: Do you offer discounts for more than one child?

A: Yes, we do offer a discount for more than one child.


Q:  What is your policy on Discipline?

A: The Montessori Philosophy guides us to allow children the maximum freedom to do what they want thus enhancing their natural curiosity to learn.  We do not discipline children and instead will contact you if your child engages in dangerous or inappropriate behavior.


Q:  Do I need to sign a contract?

A: No, we do not require you to sign a contract.  However, you will need to sign forms as require by local and state laws.  There is no commitment or long-term agreement required.


Q: What is your adult to child ratio?

A: We are only licensed for 8 children and have a maximum of 4 children for 1 adult.